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How to participate in one of my online lessons

Participate in a lesson:

-- confortable life by Zoom or in another channels evry where you be

-- Connect to you in the course, appointmente or date in the calendari do you prefere

How works the online practice?

Prepare the space, dress comfortably, check in advance that the internet and applications are functioning properly so that you can start ready and on time.

Take a moment to breath.

What do you need to the practice?

-- Yoga Matt

-- A bottle of water

-- confortable dresses

-- pillow and manta or blanket

-- notesbooks to design and write

The registrted lesson could be rewatched?

Of course!

The recorded lessons are accessible to all those who purchase an annual subscription.

You will have access to my channel too..

You will receive a gift voucher for a personalized session of your choice :

-- Loma loma massage

-- Aromatouch

-- classic massage

-- Thai massage (pasive yoga)

-- postural path

-- Energetic equilibrium

What kind of tecnology or connection you need?

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Aimara Yoga
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"Arriving to completeness, to unity, is not an immediate act, it is necessary to constantly follow a flexible and sensitive practice which, clearly, is different based on the level of consciousness of the practitioner. Regardless of the level, however, one works on harmonizing the masculine and feminine energy, Shiva, the masculine principle, and Shakti, the feminine principle, to awaken the Kundalini energy."

Aimara Babbar Rivas

How Tantra Yoga was born The origins of tantric philosophy are to be found in both Buddhism and Hinduism. The first references to Tantra are in the Rgveda, one of the four canonical subdivisions of the Vedas. But what is the basis of tantric philosophy? There is the concept of being able to master the phenomena of life and the way to enjoy them, to use them.

Aimara Babbar Rivas

"Basically, according to tantric thought what we perceive in a manifest way is a material and sensory expression of what is imperceptible, and is not considered illusory as is believed in other currents of Eastern thought: from this concept the idea develops that if one can go into what is physical, one can then come into what is not, and attain wholeness."

Aimara Babbar Rivas