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My lessons are open to all and work in a fairly open and flexible way, the lessons last about an hour and a half maximum, I take the time to dedicate to particular needs as well as their own pace. 

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Prenota tua prima lezione online gratuita

I offer a first free online lesson by booking even for a single person depending on personal need even at the times to be agreed together. Instead in face-to-face mode I make a symbolic price of sfr. 15 per lesson 

Esential oils and herbs

Aromatherapy has been used for decades as a complementary medical method in the treatment of wounds, infections, etc. The types of applications are very different:

Difusion alternative
I the bath and toilet ambient frofume
To your massage

Hot stongs and Loma Loma

deep sense of well-being and relaxation. improves and stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. relieves muscle pain. increases metabolism

Another alquimisim

Energy rebalancing is the ability that the best energy bioresonance equipment has to bring the ionic balances and metabolisms of the whole human body back into line, allowing to rebalance the specific vibrational frequencies of each single organ in imbalance, as well as to restore.

7 resons Costa Rica is one of the best destination to the world

Natural Path
In each sessons

1. Climate

When Costa Rica is located in the tropical fringe, there is no winter or summer, so we know that the temperature changes are extreme; You will find the dry and rainy era when the sun shines all year and the average annual temperatures of all countries are between 22°C (71°F) and 27°C (81°F).

Remember that if you visit some of the sites of greater altitude, such as San Gerardo de Dota or Monteverde for example, you will come across a cloudy forest, where the temperatures in the hours of the night can range from 8°C or less, so I recommend that you take en tu maleta alguna de ropa para el frío.
2. Their people is gentle and cute

Once you take a flight or get in contact with the local culture, you will feel at home. Y es que los “Ticos” somos muy amistosos y amiables, por lo siéntete en confianza de audir alguien en la calle cuando necesites ayuda, por ejemplo que estés extraviado, seempre nos detendremos para explicar cómo llegar a un logar cuando alguien nos los guntes . Además, the quality and quality of the service that you will receive in my country is very good, this is thanks to the institutions directed to empower all people in different spheres, so we all know that tourism is one of the main sources of input and our taste complacer a nuestros visitantes.
3. Flora and Fauna diversity

Thanks to the mountain system that bypasses Costa Rica from the northeastern or southern regions, as well as the climate, allows us to be privileged to be in contact with a wide range of ecosystems, for example humid tropical forests, dry forests, cloudy forests, manglares, humedales, and more ! Hence it is possible to find a subalpine páramo at more than 300 meters above the sea level.

All this diversity harbors many types of species of flora and fauna, many of them endemic, or seas that are only located in Costa Rica, or well shared with our neighboring countries, such as Nicaragua or Panama. Of course, this beautiful country hosts 6.5% of world diversity, according to the latest study of the Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD).

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